Seqwater will soon begin upgrades to improve the treatment capability of the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant (QLD) and bring it back into production.

The plant, which was temporarily shut down following damage caused to the Mary River bank during a weather event in February, will remain offline while the project is undertaken.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer, Peter Dennis, said the work would increase the plant’s ability to deal with dirty or turbid source water.

“We’ll be installing an Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection system to deal with sometimes challenging source water conditions,” Mr Dennis said.

“During the February 2015 storm, the water treatment plant was shut down due to increased turbidity in the water well from which we draw the water.

“The UV disinfection system will enable the treatment of the high turbidity river water more quickly after a weather event, greatly reducing the duration of any water tankering required.”

Water has been tankered to the Kenilworth township from Yandina since February and tankering will continue until the plant upgrade is complete.

Mr Dennis said Seqwater had also recently completed a river bank stabilisation project along the Mary River to improve the quality of water reaching the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant.

“The erosion of the river bank had threatened the integrity of the intake wells. By stabilising and revegetating the river bank we are aiming to improve the source water quality. Investing in our catchments is important to ensure we have good source water for our regional communities,” he said.

“Seqwater worked in partnership with the Burnett Mary Regional Group, the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee and Sunshine Coast Council to stabilise a 250 metre section of river bank within River Park, Kenilworth.

“The project culminated with a successful National Tree Day event on July 26, hosted by Sunshine Coast Council, at which more than 550 trees were planted.”

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