TasWater has released the State of Industry Report 2020-21 for the state’s water and sewerage industry. 

The independent report provided an overview and highlights key priorities of the state’s water and sewerage industry as well as overall improved performance across the business despite the impacts of COVID-19.

TasWater CEO, George Theo, said highlights from the State of the Industry Report include the 100 per cent microbiological compliance for their drinking water for the third year in a row and improved treated sewage compliance.

“In the 2020-21 period no water systems operated under a long-term boil water alert or a do-not-consume notice,” Mr Theo said. 

“We are proud of this, as just four years ago there were 25 permanent public health alerts across Tasmania. These were removed through the 24glasses Regional Towns Water Supply Program and we are still seeing these great benefits across the state to this day.”

“In the same reporting period, we also had over 90 per cent compliance with discharge to water limits for the third year in a row.”

The report also noted that there was a price freeze during the 2020-21 period, to support customers through the impacts of COVID-19.

“The Economic Regulator also pointed out areas where we still have work to do, for instance, unaccounted for water remains an issue,” Mr Theo said.

“We are investing more in the renewal of our infrastructure such as water mains and pipelines across the state, including the recently completed 1.3km Lake Fenton pipeline in New Norfolk delivered by TasWater’s Capital Delivery Office (CDO).

“We have also been implementing active leakage management, featuring technology that listens for leaks that may not be visible.

“Overall, the results from the report are pleasing, although we acknowledge there is more to do and are committed to improving services to our communities.”

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