The 1961 Kurnelll Zone substation will soon be replaced with the final stage of work beginning on the new Kurnell South Zone substation.

Equipment at the new substation was successfully energised and crews will now be working on the 11,000 volt power lines running throughout Kurnell preparing for their transfer to the new substation, Ausgrid Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong said.

“This new substation will help provide a safe and reliable supply to important industrial customers in Kurnell,” said Mr Armstrong.

“While the old substation has served the area well for more than 50 years, it is now time for it to be replaced.”

“Helping provide a safe and reliable power supply to not only homes and businesses, but major industries as well, is part of Ausgrid’s operations.”

Ausgrid will be working with industrial customers who require alterations to their internal networks, before the supply can be safely switched over to the new substation.

Equipment involved in the new substation include:

  • Two x 37.5 MVA transformers
  • 20 x 11,000 volt switchgear panels
  • Two x auxiliary kiosk substations

The new substation will supply the Kurnell peninsula and provide future interconnection with Cronulla zone substation to increase capacity for and improve reliability in Cronulla and Wollooware.

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