Kwik-ZIP HDX-125 spacers were utilized to facilitate the sliplining of two service sleeves of 61m and 57m in length to support infrastructure modifications for the Wanneroo Road and Ocean Reef Road Interchange Project in Perth, Western Australia.

Kwik-ZIP spacer rings were installed at 1m intervals, in line with design requirements specified for the cased crossings.

The project highlights the advantages of kwik-ZIP’s HDX range to support carrier pipe installation on low coefficient of friction wear pads that resist abrasion from the host pipe surface.

The weight of the carrier pipe before and after commissioning – estimated at 271kg/m and 860kg/m respectively – highlight the HDX’s ability to deal with heavy pipe and loads.

After installation of the carrier pipes, the annulus was not being grouted to provide the flexibility for the carrier pipes to be removed, if required for maintenance or other requirements.

The HDX’s unique load sharing runner system design maximises spacer weight bearing capacity, reduces point loading and will assist to facilitate removing the carrier pipes if required in the future.

The HDX spacers’ simple and efficient installation process does not require any special tools.

Kwik-ZIP’s spacers have no metal parts and are made from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low coefficient of friction.

“The spacers worked as promised and pushed through our 1200 dia. RCP sleeves without any issues.” Michael Hall, Senior Project Engineer – WBHO Infrastructure, said.

For further information on kwik-ZIP products and to discuss your specific project requirements please contact us at [email protected]

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