Kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers were installed to facilitate the slip-lining of an 813mm cement-lined steel water main into a steel encasing pipe by Pezzimenti Trenchless.

Project: Holden Reservoir Inlet Pipeline – Melton Hwy Crossing for Melbourne Water

Carrier size: DN800 MSCL Water Main

Casing size: DN1050 Steel Casing

Spacer model: HDX-90 (90mm high)

Kwik-ZIP’s large range of spacers caters for a wide range of ID/OD combinations as well as providing flexibility to deal with project alterations.

The HDX’s unique load sharing design maximises the load bearing capacity of each runner and reduces point loading. 

The simple and efficient installation process does not require any special tools. Kwik-ZIP spacers have no metal parts and are made from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low coefficient of friction.

“Pezzimenti Trenchless has been using Kwik-Zip spacers for slip-lining installations for many years. Whether the carrier pipe is plastic, GRP or heavy weight steel, Kwik-Zip has a spacer to do the job. Their technical support and excellent customer service make using Kwik-Zip spacers an easy decision,” Joe Pezzimenti, Managing Director at Pezzimenti Trenchless, said.

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