After 15 months of renovations, Hydro Tasmania has successfully completed the $32 million upgrade to the Lake Echo Power Station. 

This upgrade aims to modernise this critical infrastructure and provide remote operation capability, increasing the station’s ability to produce clean, dispatchable electricity to Tasmanians and to help decarbonise Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM).

Hydro Tasmania CEO, Ian Brooksbank, said the timely and significant reset of Lake Echo Power Station ensured it would continue to provide safe, reliable, and flexible renewable electricity for decades to come.

“Getting the most out of our existing hydropower generation is a key part of the Battery of the Nation vision,” Mr Brooksbank said.

Commissioned in 1956, Lake Echo is one of the main headwater storages for the Nive and Derwent River catchments and is located on the eastern side of the ‘Y’ shaped Upper Derwent hydro-electric scheme. The Lake Echo Power Station releases water for use by a further seven stations downstream, with the flows also benefiting irrigators and recreational water users. 

The station’s renovation took 15 months to complete because of the complexity, remote location, and significant extent of works. The renovation included the replacement of the Francis turbine runner and replacement or refurbishment of all other machine components.  

“I congratulate the Lake Echo team for the successful delivery of this exciting refurbishment project,” Mr Brooksbank said.

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