Cumberland Council and energy retailer, Nectr, have entered into a ten-year electricity supply agreement to supply renewable energy to 250 Council facilities, including aquatic centres, libraries, commercial offices, sports fields, car parks, and streetlights in the Cumberland Council precinct. 

This deal will showcase the business, social and environmental benefits for a large-scale shift to greener, cleaner energy.

In a time of increasing volatility in energy markets, this gives the council long term price and supply certainty as well as achieving a reduction in their carbon footprint.

Managing Director at Nectr, Andrew Butler, said the agreement with Cumberland Council is a turning point for commercial energy users.

“These types of agreements were usually reserved for larger industrial energy users and energy suppliers, but at Nectr we believe that opening opportunities to all business types and sizes will present greater benefits to the broader community in the short and long term,” Mr Butler said. 

“Supplying Cumberland Council facilities with renewable energy is a first for Nectr. It’s a partnership that will help manage their long-term energy supply and support the development of new solar assets to fast track the country’s shift to cleaner, greener energy generation.

“We see this partnership as the first of many, Nectr is pioneering change in the energy industry with consumer solar and battery energy bundle offers unlike any other on the market, and now with a partnership that will revolutionise the way with think about energy.”

Nectr, Cumberland Council and Business Green Energy view this partnership as the start of further collaborations into the future. Teams are already discussing opportunities to engage with the local community on expanding the uptake of renewable energy in the area.

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