Level measurement in breweries and dairies.

Conveying, mixing, and filling milk and beer often results in the formation of wet, compact foam.

This is the point where many level measurement systems reach their limits, as capacitive systems and conductivity probes cannot deliver reliable results due to the buildups of product deposits, and float switches usually don’t meet the hygiene requirements for cleanability and sterilization.

However, the LFP Inox TDR level sensor is the ideal solution for applications like these.

Thanks to the “guided microwave” measurement principle (time domain reflectometry, or TDR), the LFP Inox is able to reliably differentiate between fluids and foams or buildups.

The measurement probe is resistant to CIP and SIP and can be shortened as required to around 200mm based on its maximum measurement range of 4,000mm.

It is made of FDA-compliant stainless steel, which is suitable for foodstuffs, and features a surface roughness of 0.8 μm.

Furthermore, the interchangeable process connections have also been designed in accordance with hygiene standards. As a result, the LFP Inox is certified according to EHEDG and 3-A.

Flexible automation is possible.

The LFP Inox combines continuous level measurement and point level measurement in one system. Thanks to IO-Link, there are numerous configuration, diagnosis, and visualization options.

The sensor is easy to commission, maintenance-free, and works largely independently of the characteristics of the fluids to be measured, meaning that it does not have to be recalibrated. This will save time and money.

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