A new water saving program in the Darwin Region, Living Water Smart, has been launched as part of National Water Week.

This comprehensive community-wide program focuses on water efficiency and helping people and businesses in the community to become more water efficient without changing their lifestyles or affecting their bottom line.

Power and Water’s Water Services’, Manager for Sustainable Development, Mark Wiltshire says that “Living Water Smart program will work with residents, businesses and other organisations to identify and implement better ways to use water.”

“Like most businesses, the Sailing Club is mindful of the cost of its water use and recently undertook a water audit with Power and Water. Water savings over $10,000 per year were identified.

“We are aiming to save 25 percent of Darwin’s average annual usage over a period of five years and everyone, from individuals to big business and Government departments are being asked to reduce the amount of water wasted.”

“Annual demand for water is nearing current sustainable capacity and with significant growth, in both residential and commerce, anticipated it makes sense to save the cheapest water first.

“Being more water efficient will defer the need for expensive new infrastructure and save businesses and households money on their utility bills”

Living Water Smart will provide opportunities to businesses and residents to take part in water audits and develop water efficiency plans to identify leaks, save water and save money.

“It’s about adopting good habits, and not changing your lifestyle.

“You would be surprised how small measures can have a big impact in helping conserve this precious resource and allow our community to grow sustainably.”

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