Energex has completed a $13-plus million project upgrading the power supply to the South East Queensland townships of Lockrose and Lowood and surrounding areas.

Energex Asset Manager for the Western Region Russell Cross said the upgrades were essential to support the future growth in the Lockyer and Brisbane Valleys and provide a more robust power supply for the upcoming warmer months.

“This project will now ensure the local network has the capacity to sustain expected regional domestic and commercial expansion and bolster it for the increased power consumption and storms expected over the summer period,” Mr Cross said.

“More than 30km of new 11,000 and 33,000 volt powerlines were installed and will now work in conjunction with new substations installed in Lowood and Lockrose in recent years.

“I’d also like to thank the local communities for their patience during these upgrades and I can assure them the long-term benefits to the region will far outweigh the short-term inconvenience some may have encountered.”

The upgrades are now benefiting power users in Brightview, Clarendon, Coolana, Glamorgan Vale, Hatton Vale, Kensington Grove, Minden, Mount Tarampa, Patrick Estate, Prenzlau, Rifle Range, Tarampa, Lowood, Bryden, Dundas, England Creek, Fairney View, Lake Wivenhoe, Split Yard Creek, Vernor, Wivenhoe Pocket and Fernvale.

The Lockrose to Lowood upgrade is part of Energex’s commitment to provide a safe, secure and highly reliable, cost effective electricity supply to its customers.

The company’s capital works program aims to improve and reinforce electricity supplies across South East Queensland, especially to meet peak electricity demand periods, and to support the increased use of residential solar power and lifestyle enhancing appliances, such as air-conditioners and flat screen televisions.

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