The longest underground drilling project in Logan’s history is now underway. Council is using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to lay pipes over 1.32km, from Greenbank to Flagstone.

The project will connect Greater Flagstone to the council’s state-of-the-art wastewater facility in Cedar Grove.

The use of underground drilling technology avoids clearing around one hectare of vegetation.

Logan City Council Roads and Water Infrastructure Acting Director, Daryl Ross, said the outcome was a win for the local environment and Council.

“This project will have less environmental impact on Flagstone Creek and Abrade Creek,” Mr Ross said.

“It also reduces the impact on local wildlife habitats of koalas and grey headed flying foxes.

“It’s a great environmental result and is a significant cost saving for Logan City Council.”

Mr Ross said the construction of the wastewater pipeline would be one of two Australian-firsts in Council’s use of new technology.

“This is the first time in Australia that a high-stress, crack-resistant polyethylene pipe is being used for a wastewater project,” Mr Ross said.

The expected design life for these pipes is 100 years.

“That offers the longest possible lifetime for a wastewater pipe and reduces the risk of issues during the installation process,” Mr Ross said.

The project will also be the first in Australia to use an underground magnetics walkover locating system. The system can track buried pipe up to a depth of 110m.

While this project will be up to 36m deep, conventional tracking devices are only able to track pipe to a depth of 20m.

Completion of the project is expected by December 2019.

Siobhan Day is the Assistant Editor of Utility magazine and Pump Industry magazine, and has been part of the team since early 2019. With a background in management in the non-profit sector, Siobhan has extensive experience in communications, professional writing and client management. She holds a Bachelor of Business and Communications and is currently completing a postgraduate degree.

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