Local Ergon crews installing new power poles as part of an upgrade of a 22km section of the Morella feeder.

Several large power improvement projects are nearing completion in the Longreach area (QLD). The projects are worth more than $2million.

Ergon Customer Delivery Manager Pioneer, Chester Brodie, said the work aims to improve network performance and service delivery to 396 customers supplied by part of the 22kV Morella feeder that runs north/north west of Longreach along the Landsborough Highway towards Winton.

The power line on this section of the Morella feeder network has been repaired multiple times due to bird strikes, lightning strikes and general ageing and is being rebuilt to new standard with new line and extra phase clearance to reduce the impact of natural elements.

The 22km section of the backbone on the Morella feeder that is being upgraded at the moment, supplies four separate SWER lines to the northwest including Leander, Bude, Hereward and Darr.

Local crews from Ergon’s Longreach Depot are performing the work on the Morella upgrade and are gaining valuable on the job experience in the construction of a large project and the opportunity to gain additional licensing for individual members which will benefit the group into the future.

The project has also provided much needed stimulus into the local economy with local contractors from Barcaldine and Longreach being engaged to undertake line clearing and transporting of poles and equipment.

In addition high voltage exit cables from Longreach Zone Substation have been upgraded to both Swan and Wompoo feeders securing capacity and allowing greater opportunity for load shifting to improve operational flexibility.

Several switches with remote capabilities have also been installed under a separate project aimed at being able to isolate faults quicker and reduce customer outage times.

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