A $3 million project to replace a section of the Lake Fenton Pipeline in Hobart is underway,  ensuring improved reliability for customers in the future.

Constructed in 1937, the Fenton line begins at the Mt Field National Park, taking water from Lake Fenton, and is one of Hobart’s main water distribution pipelines ─ feeding water from the pristine Mt Field National Park to customers in the greater Hobart area.

Capital Delivery Office (CDO) Delivery Manager, Chris Le Grange, said the pipeline section being replaced is almost 85 years old and 810m in length.

“Renewing this pipeline will increase the reliability of the pipeline and reduce unplanned service interruptions for our customers.

“The water then travels around 120km, via various infrastructure to our customers in North, South and West Hobart, Lenah Valley, Chigwell, Glenorchy, Montrose, and Berriedale,” Mr Le Grange said.

This pipeline has failed in the past, causing interruption of water supply to customers.

“By replacing this part of the pipeline, we are ensuring that a critical asset remains operational and can continue to supply our customers with clean and safe drinking water,” Mr Le Grange said.

This upgrade forms part of TasWater’s capital works program and represents a $1.8 billion dollar investment over the 10 years leading up to 2026.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2021.

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