Featured image: The tunnel borer after it had emerged at Windsor. Image credit: Urban Utilities.

A major milestone has been reached on a $45 million infrastructure upgrade project by Urban Utilities in Brisbane, as a tunnel borer has emerged in Windsor after digging beneath one of the city’s busiest motorways. 

The project involves building a new wastewater pipe four storeys below ground, from Bowen Hills to Windsor.

Urban Utilities spokesperson, Emily Arnold, said the tunnel borer was launched in March and recently completed its 1km journey.

“The tunnel borer, which weighs 29t – the equivalent of around 16 cars – tunnelled up to 14m below ground to install the new 2m diameter pipe,” Ms Arnold said.

“By using this trenchless and remotely operated technology, we were able to carry out this significant upgrade while minimising impacts on traffic, customers and the community.

“Most of the construction work took place beneath the city’s streets, with the tunnel borer travelling under the busy Inner City Bypass, Airport Link and Queensland Rail Mayne Yard.”

Ms Arnold said the new pipe would be the one of the largest in Urban Utilities’ 9,000km wastewater network.

“We plan well ahead for the future and this catchment area on Brisbane’s northside is expected to grow by around 37,000 people over the next 30 years.

“That means a lot more toilets flushing, and showers being used, so it’s important we continue to invest in essential infrastructure for our growing community.”

The next stage of the Urban Utilities project involves constructing new maintenance holes, which will link the new pipeline to Urban Utilities’ existing network. 

The project is expected to be completed early next year. 

Featured image: The tunnel borer after it had emerged at Windsor. Image credit: Urban Utilities. 

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