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The Boulder Creek Wind Farm in Queensland has been granted planning consent for the installation of 60 wind turbines and associated infrastructure, positioning it as the first large scale wind farm development in the region and expected to create up to 350 jobs.

The Boulder Creek Wind Farm site is located approximately 40km south-west of Rockhampton, between Mount Morgan and Westwood. The 18-24 month construction period will commence towards the end of 2022.

Rockhampton Region Mayor, Tony Williams, said the building of such facilities will give the Rockhampton region the opportunity to play an important role in the generation of renewable energy.

“Almost three per cent of our workforce is currently involved in the delivery of electricity, gas, water, and waste services compared to 1.1 per cent for Regional Queensland as a whole,” Mayor Williams said.

“Electricity generation has been one of the strengths in our region and will continue to do so as we transition from a fossil energy economy to a low carbon energy economy.

“The transition will deliver many benefits for the local economy and will open up new opportunities for local businesses looking to diversify and for new businesses looking to relocate to regions with renewable energy options.”

Advance Rockhampton Executive Manager, Greg Bowden, said it’s great to see Rockhampton on the map as a region invested in providing alternative energy options.

“Along with our focus on traditional energy sources we are also excited that the Rockhampton region can play a key role in providing renewable energy options,” Mr Bowden said.

“The development of renewable energy assets highlights the region’s crucial role in modernising Australia’s economy and putting Rocky on the radar as an attractive region to invest in.”

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