Melbourne Water has completed a major upgrade to the Syndal Valve Complex, interconnecting two vital water mains to ensure a more reliable and secure supply for more than 60,000 customers in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

The Syndal Valve Complex, built in the 1950s near the junction of High Street and Blackburn Road, enables the cross connection of water supply mains from Silvan and Mitcham Reservoirs to about 25,000 homes and businesses.

Melbourne Water’s Project Manager, Nilesh Patel, said the upgrade will enable water flow in the pipelines to be controlled more efficiently with the introduction of automatic controls.

“In the past it has been challenging for operators to adjust or control flows accurately and remotely due to the age and type of the valves,” Mr Patel said.

“The addition of automatic controls within the system will assist with this and protect the water supply network from the threat of water main bursts.

“The two valves will allow for low flows up to 20 megalitres a day or, for high flows, such as peak periods, up to 100 megalitres a day, helping ensure a reliable and secure water supply for the community.”

The upgrade on the valve complex will also allow uninterrupted water supply to customers from multiple sources if there is temporary disruption such as construction work taking place elsewhere in the network.

The project was delivered in partnership with Aqua Metro Services (AMS).

AMS Project Manager, Stephen Smith, said, “Aqua Metro Services is proud to have carried out the work on behalf of Melbourne Water to make it easier for operational staff to regulate the flow of water in these vital water mains when needed.”

The Syndal Valve upgrade will be a key component in alternate supply for Melbourne Water’s upcoming renewal of the Mitcham-Olinda water main.

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