A major valve replacement program has begun in Sale (VIC) to help secure the town’s water supply.

As part of a $3.6 million plan to improve the reliability of the town’s water supply over the next four years, Gippsland Water will begin by replacing a series of critical valves along the existing water main that runs underground along MacArthur Street.

The replacement program is expected to take several months to complete, and thanks to the installation of a temporary bypass main, Gippsland Water is confident works will be carried out without impacting the town’s water supply.

Parts of the temporary main will be above ground, and fenced off, while other sections of the bypass main will be buried underground.

“This work forms part of an overall security of water supply strategy for the town. By investing now, we are securing water delivery in Sale for the generations to come,” said Gippsland Water’s Paul Clark.

“Residents may notice some above ground pipes along Cunninghame Street and across the Flooding Creek bridge, as well as some located adjacent to the car park of the Gippsland Shopping Centre. While there may be some changed traffic conditions around this area, residents should not notice any difference in their water supply services.”

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