Minister for Water Glenn Butcher and Cr Kurt Rehbein at Ross River Dam

Stage two construction has commenced on the Haughton Pipeline Project, with pipes going into the ground.

More than 28km of pipeline is being installed as part of the project – Townsville’s largest water infrastructure project – to help bolster Townsville’s water security.

The pipeline project has been identified as one of Townsville’s most significant infrastructure projects in decades and a key component of the city’s water security strategy as the region grows.

City of Townsville Infrastructure Services Committee Chairperson, Kurt Rehbein, said Townsville was one of the fastest growing regions in northern Australia and water security was vital if the region is to take advantage of future job and growth opportunities.

“The need for long-term water security for our city is well understood and supported, and we have pushed hard to make this project a reality,” Mr Rehbein said.

“Council identified the need more than ten years ago and advocated to the state government to see a pipeline built from the Burdekin River to the Ross River Dam.

“Through pushing for this project, Council was able to secure $215 million in funding from the Queensland Government for stage one of the project in 2017 and install more than 36km of 1.8m diameter pipeline from the Haughton River to Ross River Dam.

“Council advocated for additional funding for stage two to connect and extend the existing pipeline from the Burdekin River to Haughton River.

“I am pleased to see work has started on this game-changing infrastructure for our city.

“Projects like these help to future-proof our city as our population grows and creates hundreds of jobs during construction,” Mr Rehbein said.

Queensland Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher, said the state government would always support good projects that deliver long-term water security for Queensland communities.

“We know how important this project is to deliver long-term water security to Townsville. That’s why we invested $215 million into stage one, which is now complete, and a further $195 million into stage two.

“This project is delivering jobs for the region now and will support the long-term economic prosperity and water security of the region for years to come.

“It’s great to see work ploughing ahead on stage two. Projects like this and the raising of Burdekin Falls Dam will ensure this region can continue to support population growth and economic development well into the future,” Mr Butcher said.

Queensland Member for Townsville, Scott Stewart, said the state government has continued to back Townsville now and into the future with investments in major projects like the Haughton Pipeline.

“Water security is key to enabling Townsville to grow into the future, which is why we have been proud to back this project the whole way through,” Mr Stewart said.

Queensland Member for Mundingburra, Les Walker, said investing in water security created direct jobs not only during construction but also through new industries.

“Townsville is a growing city because of its great lifestyle, and we are seeing more opportunities in industries like hydrogen, which is why water security is so important,” Mr Walker said.

Queensland Member for Thuringowa, Aaron Harper, said it was great to see work start on stage two of the Haughton Pipeline.

“I’m proud to be part of a government that continues to step up and back the people of Townsville when it comes to important infrastructure like the Haughton Pipeline, which is also creating good direct jobs during construction,” Mr Harper said.

City of Townsville Water and Resource Recovery Committee Chairperson, Russ Cook, said once built, the pipeline would be able to transfer at least 273ML of water per day.

“The pipeline also has capacity for future growth to 364ML per day to ensure the city’s water needs are met well into the future.

“Projects as region-changing as this take time, and Council is glad to see shovels in the ground and work starting on this vital piece of infrastructure.

“Construction of the project is currently scheduled to finish in 2025,” Mr Cook said.

The Haughton Pipeline Project stage two was developed with the support of the Queensland Government, in association with Townsville City Council.

Featured image: Minister for Water Glenn Butcher and Cr Kurt Rehbein at Ross River Dam. Courtesy of City of Townsville.

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