An external audit has reviewed Seqwater’s processes for quality, safety, the environment and drinking water quality.

During the eight-day audit, Seqwater’s policies and procedures were put under the magnifying glass by auditors from the international certification provider SAI Global.

The auditors visited 12 Seqwater-managed water treatment plants, four bulk water supply systems, and the authority’s head office in Ipswich.

As a result of the comprehensive audit, Seqwater received international and national certification for safety, the environment, drinking water quality and quality management.

A certification of the water quality system against the international food safety standard cemented the value of  Seqwater’s integrated catchment-to-supply approach for the management of water quality.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer, Jim Pruss, said the certification recognised Seqwater’s investment in proactive catchment management as an effective barrier against threats to water quality.

“Water quality starts at the source – our catchments, which is why Seqwater is constantly developing better water quality monitoring techniques and methods across our storages,” Mr Pruss said.

Mr Pruss said in addition to water supply, dams and catchments also provided a range of other benefits to the community.

“This year Seqwater had SAI Global auditors inspect Hinze Dam and its catchment to secure certification for additional operational processes at the site, as well as safety and environmental objectives.”

Mr Pruss said external auditors were invited each year to undertake rigorous audits of Seqwater’s processes, to make sure the authority continued to meet professional standards.

“The certification process is also a great opportunity to strengthen and improve our systems and processes so that we continue to deliver reliable and safe water to our region now and in the future,” Mr Pruss said.

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