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Reliable and explosion-proof lighting is crucial in industrial environments as it enhances safety, productivity and compliance to reduce maintenance costs and minimise downtime. 

IPD is a proud supplier of STAHL lighting products, offering an extensive range of lighting solutions suitable for various uses and specifications. 

STAHL’s new linear luminaires EXLUX is a game-changer in hazardous environments, providing various models for explosive atmospheres including zone 1/2 and zone 21/22. These luminaires feature the latest LED technology and can be installed as pendant lights or pole-mounted as replacements for traditional linear luminaires with fluorescent tube lamps. 

The EXLUX range is certified for applications that require a protection level of IP66/IP67 and is capable of operating in environmental temperatures ranging from -30°C to +55°C, depending on the model. 

The EXLUX range offers several benefits including; high performance, ease of maintenance, vibration resistance and seawater resistance. 

Additionally, one of the EXLUX versions features a sheet steel frame, making it ideal for installation in clean rooms. 

For emergency lighting applications, STAHL’s ECOLUX6608 emergency luminaires provide a choice between one and a half  and three hours of lighting and the external battery box simplifies battery replacement. 

Meanwhile, the ECOLUX sheet steel, powder-coated 6012 series is designed specifically for use on ships and platforms, with unique features that make it the perfect lighting solution for this environment.

STAHL offers a wide range of lights, including LED inspection lights, tubular light fittings, portable lamps, linear luminaires, pendant light fittings, compact escape signs, floodlights, pendant light fittings, and tank inspection lights. 

Furthermore, STAHL provides a complete product range for dangerous explosive atmospheres, including connection and distribution boxes of electrical power. 

Discover STAHL’s range of lighting solutions here or contact one of our IPD representatives today on 1300 556 601.

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