A unique cable placer, designed specifically to Australian standards, is now providing significant cost, productivity and safety benefits to forward-thinking cable installers.

CSTgroup’s unique Altec AS40P cable placers are ideal for any aerial cable placement project.

When used to their full potential, the units are capable of providing a 3-5 times productivity gain compared to traditional means of placing aerial cable.

As John Wilton, CSTgroup’s Managing Director tells it – “What makes this unit so cost effective, is its unique ‘Suspension Lock Down system’.  This enables the unit to travel between poles with the bucket manned, and therefore only needing to slew out to each pole – no more stopping and having to put down stabiliser legs at each & every pole!”

The rear mounted capstan wheel also enables cable to be spooled simultaneously.

The unit is also capable of pulling old cable, useful in contracts that involve replacing and recovering old copper wire.

In addition to significant cost benefits and project efficiencies, this unit can also enhance project safety.

The cable placer can also be used as a standard EWP if required, making it a versatile addition to any fleet.

Only three of these units still available in Australia, and these are expected to be rapidly taken up operators looking to give themselves a competitive advantage with newer, more effiencent and safer work practices.

All units are available for outright purchase, rental or ‘rent to buy’ from CSTgroup.

A short video demonstrating the unit’s capabilities is available on the CSTgroup website.

Inspections & demonstrations are also available in either Brisbane or Melbourne.

Contact John Wilton for more information on 0400 794 097 or via email to

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