The water industry is no longer forced to make large design or plant optimisation decisions on limited water quality datasets – often being confined to grab or composite sampling techniques, which inevitably and unavoidably miss key events.

DCM Process Control specialises in real-time water characterisation studies and water quality parameter measurement, utilising the S::CAN range of UV/Vis Spectro::lysers, which they have been using exclusively for over ten years in Australia and New Zealand.

As dynamic models developed in the industry, so too did a core part of DCM’s business. Their comprehensive data supply service provides key, minute-by-minute water quality information for clients to drive and validate their models, while also being able to capture and quantify high-loading events as they happen.

By eliminating the guesswork DCM minimises risk, and provides high-level water quality data for characterisation, design, optimisation, event detection and feed-forward control purposes.

Where only traditional datasets are available, consultants, designers and financiers are forced to assume that small datasets of grab samples are actually representative of the true load, which may result in suboptimal understanding of the water quality within a catchment. This can lead to high capital outlay where not required, or the undersizing of some sections of an otherwise suitable plant design.

Whether for a $10 million or a $100 million project, even small design errors result in significant rises in capital expenditure with infrastructure and operational costs, than would occur with appropriate real-time datasets.

Real-time high resolution monitoring over peak load periods, whether summer holidays or cold winters when low temperatures limit treatment processes, provides key data to minimise the risk of treatment failure and asset expenditure.

DCM’s local development team has augmented the S::CAN instruments with world-class infrastructure and sample delivery mechanisms, which allows DCM to deploy and collect water quality data from raw sewers to natural waters.

From source to the sea, DCM has it covered. Contact DCM’s Sales & Operations Manager James on (03) 9417 0254 to learn more about how DCM can help your business.

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