Man checking field service engagement machine

Morrison Utility Services (MUS) is digging and filling in holes in the road more efficiently with the cloud-based, mobile-workforce management tool ETAdirect from TOA Technologies. Reported benefits include a 15% reduction in travel time and reduced fuel costs of £2,288 per field team.

The company recently received a Computer Weekly enterprise software award in the cloud category for this business process improvement.

Andy Carter, head of business process improvement at MUS, recalls that jobs used to be allocated manually with supervisors, each in their own particular geographic area, working with sheets of paper and juggling resources and variables in their heads. “Quite often they’d be in the office till 8.30pm trying to get the work allocated for the next day. You can work that way with a small volume, but as it increases, especially around filling the holes in, it’s just too hard,” he says.

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