Reliable, secure and cost-effective communications are imperative in any organisation, more so when an organisation operates in remote areas of the country. SCADA communications offer companies with remote operations a low power, low cost connectivity solution for telemetry, surveillance and monitoring of both manned and unmanned sites.

When terrestrial mobile coverage does not stretch to rural and remote areas of Australia, a satellite SCADA solution powered by solar is a reliable option for organisations needing to know what is going on no matter where their remote operations are.

Australian satellite communications company, Pivotel Group, has been a leader in providing remote satellite monitoring and tracking services with over 50,000 low speed simplex and duplex satellite data services.

Pivotel has recognised the increased communications needs of Australian industry and launched a range of SCADA capable satellite data solutions that have been optimised for the Australian environment.

Operating in conjunction with Inmarsat, Pivotel has released SCADA connectivity solutions to support monitoring solutions for temperature, pressure, flow or video surveillance. As an example, the Inmarsat BGAN M2M system is simple to integrate and install, has a low power budget so it can operate from solar power and effectively maintains IP connectivity at speeds of up to 448kbps so the user has the bandwidth they need when they need it.

Pivotel’s commitment to the satellite M2M and SCADA market is evidenced by its Australian carrier network, which has been purpose built for satellite voice and data services. Pivotel is the only Australian carrier working directly with all four major mobile satellite operators – Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya.

Pivotel’s range of satellite data solutions offer cost effective, secure and reliable connections with the lowest possible latency. Data security and network reliability are of paramount importance to users of SCADA systems, and with network interconnect points in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Pivotel customers can connect securely in more places with lower cost, bypassing the public internet and eliminating the risk of cyber-attacks on the system.

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