Piping Specialty Supply Service (PSSS) is a dedicated supplier of specialised machinery, tooling and consumables to the pipeline, energy, water and infrastructure sectors, across both steel and HDPE pipe.

PSSS offers a full selection of tools and equipment for HDPE pipeline construction projects, including butt fusion machines.

PSSS supplies machines from two of the world’s leading manufacturers, McElroy and WeldMaster, offering customers both rental and purchase options for their projects.

The McElroy range of Tracstar rental machines are the T500, T630 and T900, covering pipe sizes ranging from six inches to 36 inches (150m-900m).

The T500 made its debut in 1997 and was instrumental the development of the entire Tracstar line of fusion equipment.

These machines are self-contained, with an on-board generator powering the heater, self-propelled and suitable for all types of terrain. Their serrated jaws and inserts keep pipes from slipping during the fusion process.

The Tracstar models have a powerful hydraulic face which helps weld even the toughest pipes with ease. The heater and facer can easily be converted to top loading for work in confined spaces.

The wireless remote control ensures a safe, efficient working environment and precise machine placement.

McElroy T630 butt fusion machine

The WeldMaster butt fusion machines are an alternative to McElroy’s smaller range.

The fully automatic WeldMaster range of BFM 180, BFM 250, BFM 315 and BFM 400 cover pipe sizes from 2.5 inches to 16 inches (63m 400m). Hy-Ram has designed and manufactured the high-quality WeldMaster butt fusion equipment for the global market since the early 1980s.

The WeldMaster range takes the fully automatic machine to the next level in terms of control, quality, connectivity, usability and smart technology features.

All four of these machines have seven inch touch screens with integrated RFID readers for monitoring training status and operator ID, menu-driven data entry, on-board diagnostics software and early warning error messages.

Additional features include Bluetooth and USB connectivity, an embedded GPS for precise weld location and internal memory for an excess of one million joint records.

PSSS can provide very competitive prices for the purchase of these machines, however if rental fits better into your budget, the majority of models are available from its current rental fleet.

All rental machines are fully mine compliant and with Australia-wide shipping, PSSS is your genuine partner in all things piping.

This partner content is brought to you by Piping Specialty Supply Service. For further information, please contact 1300 794 096 or to get in touch with the PSSS team– “we are here to help”.

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