Measuring water quality along a water distribution network is more challenging than within production sites because infrastructure such as power, communications, buildings and drains are typically not available. A truly smart solution is needed to overcome these challenges and facilitate easy water quality measurement with real-time detection throughout the distribution network.

By selecting a smart solution, water network operators can reduce the cost of monitoring station infrastructure in urban and remote areas,  and still receive the important information they need on water quality, pressure and flow.

The SMART NRG battery operated chlorine analyser from Blue I Technologies is compact and comes with a robust IP65 casing suitable for outdoor installations, allowing it to be used to easily measure water quality throughout the distribution network without the need to be connected to the grid.

As it can run in a semi-continuous operation mode, power consumption is reduced and drain flow-rate minimised.

Smart technology

Manufactured to be smart, it learns chlorine behaviour and residuals, monitors the efficiency of the disinfection processes, tracks flushing activities, and detects water quality in real time.

Communications have also been built into the device, allowing it to be installed anywhere throughout the distribution network, including urban, rural and isolated areas, without the need for infrastructure preparation. All that is needed is a ¼ inch feed tube and a ¼ inch drain.

The analyser also includes an internal data logger and internal 3G modem for two-way communication, allowing the operator to remotely access the measured data, and the operation and maintenance interface.

Real-time assistance and troubleshooting from an authorised representative is available, ensuring optimal service, and saving time, energy and money.

Customised parameters

The SMART NRG analyser can measure up to six water quality parameters, including:

  • Free chlorine (0-2ppm or 0-10ppm) or total chlorine (0-20ppm)
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity

It also has two operational parameters: pressure and flow.

Each parameter can be set at high and low limits, and alerts can be automatically sent to engineers and operators when those limits are breached.

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