To ensure that piping equipment remains functional and leak-free, selecting the right seal model to suit the nature of the substances it comes into contact with is of the utmost importance. Here we take a look at a recent case study and discuss the considerations that need to be made when choosing a seal.

An Australian potato chip factory built five brand new concrete tanks to collect wastewater that contained a low concentration of cooking oil at. The client required an instant permanent solution to seal six core-holed pipe penetrations to accommodate new HDPE pipework passing through the tank walls.

The tanks and penetrations are now buried underground, so it was of the utmost importance that the tank remain leak free and sealed using the appropriate materials to provide a reliable long-term seal solution in these harsh conditions.

Projex Group offers professional advice and calculations in selecting the right Link-Seal sizing and model to best suit the substances in contact with the seals. The Link-Seal model “O” was selected for the project, as it is resistant to oils and suitable for highly corrosive environments.

There are numerous benefits in using Link-Seals for these applications. LinkSeals have no downtime on curing and unlike other products they do not shrink during the curing process. Link-Seals are maintenance-free after application, but if a leak occurs due to excessive pipe movement then Link-Seals can be tightened and adjusted.

Link-Seals have been widely used across Australia for more than 15 years. They are best suited to applications where the sealing of penetrations is critical and of the highest importance, such as gas plants, oil refineries, hospitals,and water and waste treatment plants.

Link Seals are available in liquid, gas, oil, temperature and fire-resistant models and can seal pipe penetrations ranging in diameter from 10mm to 3.6m.

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