The nbn network provides digital connectivity to more than 12 million premises nationwide and in today’s interconnected world, digital security has become a paramount concern. nbn, the driving force behind lifting the digital capability of Australia, shares insights into the challenges and discusses its security model to fortify its network against cyber attack.

In 2009, the Federal Government established NBN Co with a distinct purpose: to construct, develop, and manage a nationwide wholesale broadband access network for Australia. Since that time, the importance of cybersecurity has risen sharply.

Australian companies encounter many cyber security challenges, encompassing conventional and emerging threats. Anticipating the occurrence of data breaches or the precise timing of an impending threat is often a very complex task. nbn has adopted an “all hazards” or “converged” security model, which prioritises and aligns personnel, physical and cyber security to ensure fast and reliable connectivity and one that aims to create a safe and secure environment.

Three lines of defence

nbn’s security model is based on a comprehensive understanding of security and follows the ‘three lines of defence’ principle to fortify its security measures.

  • Line one comprises the operations team responsible for implementing and maintaining the security ecosystem, ensuring the availability and effectiveness of tools, processes, and controls
  • Line two acts as an independent assessor and business partner of line one, identifying potential gaps, points of improvement or vulnerabilities and then working with the line to continually improve our effectiveness
  • Line three provides independent assurance of lines one and two, providing appropriate governance, alignment and accountability are maintained

Meeting future digital needs

During interactions with property developers, nbn aims to focus not just on current connectivity solutions but also on future-ready technology to help ensure that it’s ready to meet the digital demands of tomorrow.

As nbn extends its connectivity services to new developments and, by proxy, becomes increasingly important to many dependent community services such as electronic signage and public Wi-Fi, nbn’s supply chain continues to play a vital role.

Like any company, nbn faces the challenges of managing an extensive and complex supply chain. The supply chain’s crucial role in ensuring the security of nbn is maintained, and the ongoing focus the organisation places on working collaboratively with its partners, will ensure this happens.

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