Finally there is a commercially viable solution for power storage that meets the advanced needs of industrial and utility clients.

Combining best-of-breed technology, including Sonnenschein lithium battery modules and battery management systems, with advanced manufacturing systems, the Mega-Power Storage solution provides proven technology, delivered with bankable commercial benefits.

The Mega-Power Storage solution is manufactured and supported in Australia by GNB Industrial Power, and Mayfield Industries, an optimal partnership for industrial power storage. Mega-Power Storage solutions are built in world-class facilities, to meet global standards for quality and value. The final result is a solution that is affordable and sustainable, utilising local design resources and supporting advanced manufacturing in Australia.

The Sonnenschein lithium modules are ideal when advanced energy systems are required. They offer excellent float and cycle life with zero maintenance, which results in significant cost of ownership savings for end users. They also provide users with the peace of mind that comes with the safety features inherent with Sonnenschein lithium ion phosphate chemistry.

Sonnenschein lithium battery management systems are designed to manage system safety, optimise system performance, and control communication for their designed application. The battery systems are compatible with all HC and VHC Sonnenschein lithium ion modules.

Key application areas

Hybrid and green deployment

Combining and optimising different power sources and storage devices to reduce operating costs and CO2 footprint. Optimise or replace diesel generators, grid stabilisation, and grid building.

Renewable energy management

Improve and increase the integration of renewable energy sources into existing grids to enhance CO2-free power production and make renewable energy more controllable. Own consumption, generation smoothing, and ramp rate control.

Grid and power quality

Ensure the availability and quality of the electrical grid. Stabilise frequency and voltage and reduce the requirement for grid extension. Balance power production and consumption at different grid levels. Grid stabilisation, peak shaving, control power, defer capital investments, and intra-day or demand shifting.

Backup Power (UPS)

Ensure your operation runs 24/7, even during periods of limited or weak energy supply. Mission critical applications, never-fail assurance, total energy security.

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