Melbourne Water, along with the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) and local Councils, are conducting a study to achieve improved planning controls for urban land adjacent to the middle Yarra River between Burke Road and Warrandyte.

With the Yarra River being a significant asset to Melbourne, it is vital that as much of this natural corridor as possible is preserved.

The study will look at ways to preserve the amenity of the river and ensure that future development does not encroach on the environmental, aesthetic, cultural or recreational values of the river. It aims to identify improved design and siting guidelines and planning controls.

The study is in stage three as the project teams begins to engage with the local community, to capture existing and emerging issues and opportunities to determine a preferred vision for the corridor.  Community input is important and will help shape the study’s understanding and findings of community perceptions and values of the river corridor.

Further details of the study may be viewed here.

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