Melbourne Water is seeking suggestions from the public on how best to use the land at its Western Treatment Plant.

Melbourne Water says that it has made a commitment to providing desirable urban spaces and thriving natural environments and providing economic value.  They are looking for original and creative ideas and new perspectives on how to use the land at the Western Treatment Plant (WTP) in the future to meet this commitment and generate the best value from this asset.

This may include:

Innovative ideas for using parts of the site for new or different activities which are valued by our customers

New services or facilities that protect the natural and cultural environment whilst ensuing resource availability for future generations

Options to complement and enhance the current uses of the site

Opportunities to contribute to economic activity in the region and increase employment

Please tell us what you think this land could be used for in the future.
Survey closes 12 December 2013.

About the Western Treatment Plant

At 10,500 hectares in size, WTP is a uniquely integrated ecosystem and it treats more than half of Melbourne’s sewage.

It is a generator of renewable energy and produces approximately 40 billion litres of recycled water a year.

It is a haven for more than 280 species of birds and a wetland of international environmental significance.

It uses the large odour buffer for valuable farming activities

It is important to remember that WTP land is valued for the ‘green break’ if provides between Melbourne and Geelong.  Any development should be consistent with this principle.

Suggestions will contribute to the vision for 2050 to be produced mid-2014 and may help achieve great outcomes for the site over the next 30 years.

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