Lucky winners (from left to right): Diane Kibart, Bavley Farid, Cornelius Plath (product manager of TESTRANO 600), Ahmed El-Hamaky and Fadi Zatari.

Power testing equipment manufacturer, OMICRON, has won the Smart Product of the Year Award at the 2017 Middle East Electricity Awards.

OMICRON’s new power transformer test system, TESTRANO 600, won the award which recognises innovative products with a focus on energy conservation and efficiency.

Product Manager at OMICRON, Cornelius Plath, accepted the award on behalf of OMICRON and the team who worked on the development of the TESTRANO 600.


TESTRANO 600, OMICRON’s portable three-phase power transformer test system.

In today’s economic environment time is a valuable resource. Given that testing of power transformers is time consuming due to different test sets, lots of reconnecting, and multiple trips up and down the transformer, OMICRON wanted to develop a test system that made the complex process of power transformer testing quicker and easier than in the past.

TESTRANO 600 cuts testing time as the three-phase source allows excitation of all three windings at the same time, giving customers the ability to measure the voltage ratio and actual phase shift.

It provides a powerful three-phase source to enable the user to perform the most common tests, such as turns ratio, excitation current, DC winding resistance, dynamic resistance and short-circuit impedance and leakage reactance, quicker and with less reconnecting than in the past.


The integrated three sources and the simple wiring concept speed up and simplify power transformer testing.

The unit is compact, weighing only 20kg (44lbs) and can also be used to demagnetise transformers. By combining TESTRANO 600 with the CP TD1 accessory power and dissipation factors, and capacitance measurements can also be performed.

This is the third product award for OMICRON in the last three years, including Best Product at Elecrama in India for its circuit breaker test set CIBANO 500, and Best Innovation of the Year at Middle East Electricity in the UAE for its voltage transformer set VOTANO 100.

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