Featured image: McConnell Dowell employees on the Unitywater Aura and Harmony Program construction site. Image courtesy of Unitywater

More than 27km of large-scale water and wastewater pipes have been delivered to the Sunshine Coast site of the $270 million Unitywater Aura and Harmony Infrastructure Program, marking a major construction milestone. 

In total, around 160 semi-trailer deliveries of pipe will arrive on site, which  includes the batch of pipes just recently delivered from Toowoomba-based manufacturer Vinidex.

To mark the milestone, program team members signed a section of 900mm diameter pipe, which will be the first installed along Bellflower Road, Sippy Downs, connecting future Harmony residents to a safe and reliable water supply sourced from Ewen Maddock Dam.

Unitywater’s construction partner McConnell Dowell is set to commence the laying of pipelines in a staged approach along three alignments:

  • Aura Water Project – 12km of new pipe along Steve Irwin Way and Hapgood Road, between the Ewen Maddock Water Treatment Plant and Aura in Caloundra South
  • Harmony Water Project – 2.6km of new pipe along Bellflower Road, between Tanawha and Harmony in Palmview.
  • Aura Wastewater Project – 12.5km of new pipe along Bells Creek Arterial Road and Kawana Way Link Road between Aura in Caloundra South and the Kawana Wastewater Treatment Plant

Unitywater CEO, Anna Jackson, said the pipes will play a crucial role in delivering essential water and wastewater services to the Aura and Harmony communities, with construction preparation having commenced in July 2023. 

“The Aura and Harmony Trunk Infrastructure Program represents an investment of more than $270 million, reflecting our commitment to meeting the growing demands of these Sunshine Coast communities.

“With a projected population of 69,000 residents in Stockland’s Aura development by 2056 and 21,000 residents in Avid’s Harmony development by 2036, the program is vital to ensure the long-term sustainability and development of these areas.

“Both Unitywater and McConnell Dowell are committed to delivering this program with the highest standards of safety, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

“We thank the local community for their patience as we install these new pipelines underground as quickly and safely as possible.

“It’s been wonderful to see community members be generous with their time and local knowledge, so we can plan to minimise the impacts of construction as much as possible,” Ms Jackson said. 

Featured image: McConnell Dowell employees on the Unitywater Aura and Harmony Program construction site. Image courtesy of Unitywater

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