An image of the man from Snowy River sculpture in Corryong, Victoria

Construction has begun on a microgrid in Corryong, which is expected to provide power for up to five days for more than 900 households and businesses. 

The microgrid will support the Corryong community to improve its energy resilience and help keep the power on during emergencies such as bushfires and storms. 

A microgrid is a small subset of the electricity grid that provides energy generation and storage at a local level. They can incorporate renewable generation, such as from solar panels or wind turbines, as well as battery storage.  

The Corroyong microgrid will operate independently of the grid during power outages – referred to as ‘islanding’ – helping isolated communities to keep their power on when the grid goes down. The Corryong Microgrid uses a centralised 4.98MW battery, diesel generator and advanced switching technology.  

The project is funded through round one of the Federal Government’s Disaster Ready Fund, with a $7 million investment from the Federal Government and $8 million from the Victorian Government and AusNet Enterprise.  

All other capital expenditure and operating expenditure will be covered by AusNet Enterprise. 

Installation of a solar, battery and diesel generator system on the Corryong Police Station by RACV Solar will begin soon, and a number of solar and battery systems are currently being installed. The microgrid is expected to be operating in summer 2026. 

Federal Minister for Emergency Management, Murray Watt, said that the Federal Government is pleased to be co-funding this important project through the very first round of its Disaster Ready Fund.  

“By working together with the Victorian Government, we are supporting towns like Corryong to improve their energy resilience in the face of increasing extreme weather,” Mr Watt said.  

“In the past, the region has experienced disconnection from the electricity grid for over a month due to bushfires, so this new microgrid will make a significant difference in keeping the community safer and better connected.” 

Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio, said that Victorians in communities like Corryong’s are acutely aware of the increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather as the climate changes.  

“This advanced microgrid will provide crucial support during emergencies,” Ms D’Ambrosio said. 

Victorian Minister for Emergency Services, Jaclyn Symes, said, “When the fires hit, power security was a crucial concern. With this new project, locals can be assured that in the worst-case scenario, Corryong will have the reliable power needed in an emergency.” 

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