The arrival of a 210t custom-made transformer marks a significant milestone for the large-scale battery under construction at Eraring Power Station.   

The massive component represents a key piece of the puzzle in the project, with the transformer used to increase the energy stored in the battery to a high voltage that is suitable for transmission across the electricity network.  

The transformer, at approximately 9m long and 3m wide, is rated at 285MVA.

Worrell-Jacinto-from-Lumea-Lyell-Blackman-from-Origin-and-Patricia-Evangelista-from-Transgrid-with-the-transformer-being-delivered-at-Eraring-site-scaled. Image/Origin

The successful transportation of the transformer marked a significant logistical feat, covering nearly 60km from Mayfield Port to the Eraring Power Station. This was accomplished using two block trucks towing a 16-axle platform trailer, with an additional push truck at the rear for added support.  

Once at the project site at Eraring, cranes safely unloaded the transformer into its designated position within the battery’s substation. A second identical unit is scheduled to arrive by the end of July 2024.   

Stage one of the large-scale battery project at Eraring is more than halfway complete. Bulk earthworks are nearly finished, and detailed civil construction is progressing. Trenching and piping of underground services are well underway, and mechanical equipment deliveries are currently ongoing.  

Stage one of the project will use the two transformers to connect to the National Electricity Grid Market.   

Along with the transformers, the battery energy storage system at Eraring will include 840 battery enclosures and 140 inverters, collectively managing the charging and discharging processes.

Stage one of the Eraring battery involves the construction of a 460MW battery storage system with a dispatch duration of two hours. The $600 million battery is anticipated to come online towards the end of 2025.  

Eraring is a strategic site for the battery due to its high-quality connection infrastructure enabling the delivery of energy it will store into demand centres.   

The development of the Eraring battery marks a crucial next step in Origin’s efforts to transform the Eraring Power Station site for the future.   

Featured image: The 210-tonne transformer being delivered to the Eraring Battery Energy Storage System Site. Image/Origin. 

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