Horsham, Victoria

GWMWater has announced that construction on the SmartWater recycled water pipeline has begun, as part of the Horsham Agriculture SmartWater and Integrated Water Management Project. 

Once construction is complete, the SmartWater recycled water pipeline will run along the Wimmera Highway from Rudolphs Rd to the Horsham Racecourse, as well as north along Curran Rd to the Aerodrome, Langlands Park and Blue Ribbon Road.

GWMWater Managing Director, Mark Williams, said that the project will help provide drought prone areas with improved quality and access to recycled water. 

“The Wimmera region is particularly susceptible to periods of drought, as we saw with the millennium drought. This project will mean that our community will have access to green spaces, even during drier periods, helping us to build a climate-resilient region,” Mr Wlliams said.

The pipeline will enable access to recycled water for green space in Horsham like the racecourse, cemetery, sports ovals and Langlands Park, that usually rely on drinking water or stormwater for irrigation purposes.

The project is being funded by the Australian Government’s National Water Grid Fund, Agriculture Victoria and GWMWater.

As part of the project, upgrades at the Horsham Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Agriculture Victoria’s Horsham facilities are also currently underway, including a Dissolved Air Floatation plant, which is being built at the Horsham WWTP. The aim of the Dissolved Air Flotation Plant includes further improve the water quality before it’s delivered to customers, as well as major upgrades of irrigation systems at Agriculture Victoria’s SmartFarm.

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