The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) and CT Management Group have signed a formal memorandum of understanding (MOA) to promote a nationally consistent approach to managing public infrastructure.

The MOA will see IPWEA’s National Asset Management Strategy (NAMS) and NAMS.PLUS tools be adopted and recommend by CT Management Group and its associates.  

IPWEA Australasia CEO, Robert Fuller, said, “What this means is that councils in Victoria, Queensland and elsewhere who are using CT Management’s STEP Asset Management Program will be encouraged to adopt the nationally recognised NAMS and NAMS.PLUS methodology of asset management.”

CT Management Group Managing Director, Michael Courtney, said the organisation was committed to working collaboratively with IPWEA for this next development in professional asset management.

“CT Management Group and our associates have been working for years with councils around Australia to improve the level of proficiency in asset management. While making good progress, when the Victorian State Government called for further improvements in asset management by local government last year, we decided that the best way we could help achieve that was by partnering with IPWEA. Their NAMS and NAMS.PLUS system is internationally recognised and used in more than 20 countries, as well as throughout Australia and New Zealand,” Mr Courtney said.

“This MOA covers a wide range of asset management products and services that can only benefit the industry and the communities we serve.”  

Under the agreement, IPWEA will provide training and resources for CT Management Group’s Associates, who will be progressively introducing this next level of professional asset management to all of their member councils.  

Online training through the 10-week IPWEA Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning is being made available and training courses have already been completed for CT Management Group’s staff and lead trainers.    

Mr Fuller said the adoption of nationally consistent asset management methodologies was an important step toward a more collaborative asset management environment in local government.

“Adoption of the NAMS.PLUS tools will create the opportunity for benchmarking across Australia, which will allow councils to learn from each other down the track.”

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