The nbn has collaborated with the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) to create a map of Alice Springs sacred sites in preparation for the nbn rollout.

Alice Springs holds huge cultural significance to the local Aboriginal people and is immersed in sacred sites, which has required logistical planning that had never been undertaken before, due to the scale of the job.

This partnership undertook new anthropological research and consultations with the custodians and this has led to the most up to date map ever produced for the Alice Area. The 600 plus sites will support future development for the next two decades.

This was the most comprehensive consultation process ever entered into by the nbn anywhere in Australia to design a roll-out.

The Minister responsible for AAPA, Bess Price, said, “I am very impressed with the success of this collaboration between AAPA and NBN. The map of Alice Springs sacred sites, which was 2 years in the making, means that any new development in this area will be able to incorporate the sensitivities to their working plan.

“Until now, no single developer has ever attempted to roll out infrastructure across the entire town. This is now possible due to the extensive work carried out by AAPA and NBN.

Chief Minister, Adam Giles, said, “The communications infrastructure provided through the NBN will give the residents and visitors of Alice Springs new opportunities to drive commerce, share stories online, access information and entertainment,”

The NBN roll out will serve 9200 premises and is expected to take approximately five months.

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