End users will soon be asked by their chosen retail service provider at ‘service activation’ stage whether they want their NBN fibre installation to be provided with a battery backup, when the NBN Optional Battery Backup framework is fully implemented from 2 October 2014.

Retail Service Providers are required to:

  • Provide the end user with an opportunity to make a choice whether to order the service with battery backup for the NBN equipment. The exception is where the end user receives a Priority Assistance service, in which case a battery backup unit will be installed; and
  • Record and retain the decision of the occupant.

Builders for both SDUs and MDUs will need to ensure when identifying the area for installation of NBN equipment that there is enough space for a battery backup unit, to account for the future needs of a resident.

When requesting a pre-installation for NBN Co equipment to take place after 2nd October 2014 onwards, end users or building owners can nominate the pre-installation of a standard power supply or the power supply with battery backup. In most cases, a standard power supply is recommended for pre-installations unless the first occupant will require battery backup capability. If the standard power supply is selected, future occupants can still have the power supply with battery backup fitted later (this can be arranged by their Retail Service Provider at no cost and their service activation can still proceed). However, if a power supply with battery backup is fitted first, and the first occupant does not require the battery backup service, the equipment will not be uninstalled by NBN Co, in which case the resident will have to arrange this with their Retail Service Provider.

As a result, NBN Co recommends in the first instance, for pre-installations, a standard power supply is installed and battery backup should only be considered where it is known the occupant will require the capability.

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