The National Broadband Network has achieved significant progress in the six months to December 2014, with substantial increases in the number of serviceable premises, active end-users and telecommunications revenue.

The progress is a direct result of the many improvements being made across the business. It puts the company on track to meet its full year targets of 1 million serviceable premises, around 480,000 active end users and circa $150 million in annual revenue.

In the past six months, the number of serviceable premises rose to 748,552 (across all access technologies) – up 35 per cent on the six months to 30 June 2014 (and nearly double the corresponding period in 2013).

The 12-week rolling average for serviceable premises stood at 8,900 per week at December 2014. The company has continued to escalate the rollout and in February 2015 was tracking at 10,200 serviceable premises per week.

Within the fixed line footprint, concerted efforts by the company to improve the rollout process mean that, for the first time in the project’s history, more than half of all premises nominally passed by fibre can now order a National Broadband Network service.

This has contributed to an active premises count of 322,391 (across all technologies), an increase of more than a third over the period and a 147 per cent increase over the prior comparative period.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) year-on-year rose $3 to $39. The increase in ARPU was in part driven by higher connectivity revenues due to a greater demand for capacity by NBN Co’s customers, the retail service providers.

The company incurred $1.4 billion in capital expenditure for the period (+21 per cent over the prior comparative period) ($7.1 billion Life-to-Date); an EBITDA loss of $497 million (+4 per cent over the prior comparative period) and operating expenses of $562 million (+12 per cent over the prior comparative period).


  • Serviceable premises increased 35 per cent to c.748,000 in six months to 31 December 2014
  • End users increased 53 per cent  to c.322,000 over the period
  • Telecommunications revenue increased 191 per cent  year-on-year to $64 million
  • Solid progress towards Multi-Technology Mix rollout
  • Weekly run rate of 8,900 serviceable premises in December 2014, up from 5,670 a year earlier. February run rate is tracking at 10,200 per week (12-week rolling average).

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