nbn has announced it has exceeded its 2016 financial year targets with the number of premises able to connect to the NBN and the number of end users doubling.

nbn has seen a 126 per cent growth in the number of end users on the NBN from 486,000 to 1.1 million, premises able to connect to the NBN from 1.2 million to 2.9 million and a revenue increase of 157 per cent from $164 million to $421 million.

“nbn has met or exceeded every target the Board set for FY2016. This is the ninth consecutive quarter of meeting or exceeding targets,” nbn CEO Bill Morrow said.

“As we have confirmed throughout the year, the rollout of the NBN network is very much on track.

“Today, nearly two thirds of the nation’s premises are currently in design, in construction or able to order an NBN service, and that is tangible progress.”

Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield said the continued growth of the nbn showed the Coalition’s multi-technology mix NBN was allowing more Australians to access the benefits of high-speed internet as quickly as possible.

“Under the Coalition the nbn is meeting its rollout and financial targets – allowing more Australians, especially in regional areas, to do business online, study via virtual classrooms, and connect with family and friends,” Mr Fifield said.

“The cost of living matters to the Coalition, so the Government has instructed nbn to continue rolling out the network as economically as possible.”

During the 2016 financial year three new NBN products were launched, following successful trials to complete nbn’s multi-technology mix: fibre-to-the-node (September 2015), Sky Muster satellite service (April 2016) and hybrid fiber-coaxial (June 2016).

“In FY2016 we reached significant milestones for our business, achieving 2.9 million premises ready for service and more than one million users on our NBN network,” Mr Morrow said.

“Of the 2.9 million premises able to order an NBN service, 70 per cent of these are in non-metro and regional Australia as we step closer to bridging the digital divide and connecting Australia.

“The nbn team has been working together with our Delivery Partners to rollout the NBN network to more Australians than ever before – today, one in four homes can order an NBN service.”

Mr Morrow said nbn has launched all major products within the multi-technology suite to ensure Australian are able to receive fast broadband as soon as possible.

“The NBN rollout has now built considerable momentum and we are quickly ticking off our milestone targets,” Mr Morrow said.

“The NBN network remains one of the most complex projects to complete and we are now underway with the task of doubling our build again in this financial year.

“My management group and I are confident that the plan, industry partnership and talented team now assembled are able to continue to meet challenges as we head towards our 2020 goals.”

More than one-quarter of Australian homes and businesses can now access an NBN service, and the company is aiming to reach almost half of all households by mid-2017.

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