Solgen Energy Group has installed 1.75 megawatts of solar power capacity to nbn’s Satellite Earth Stations (SES) and Technical Aggregation Node and Development (TAND) facilities, in a move to reduce nbn’s environmental impact.

nbn aims to reduce its environmental impact with the installation of several solar PV arrays as it upgrades Australian communication infrastructure and ensures future generations have access to high speed broadband.

Solgen Energy Group carried out a detailed analysis of the preliminary and functional specifications of the facilities in order to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the solar PV requirements.

Solgen designed two types of solar power installations across various sites for nbn, roof mounted solar arrays were installed for metropolitan TAND sites and ground mounted solar arrays were installed for the remotely based SES sites.

Solgen Energy Group Executive General Manager David Naismith said working with a corporation such as nbn to prioritise clean energy solutions sets a good example for others.

“To ensure this government initiative will provide future generations with many years of high speed broadband access, a combined 1.75MW solar power capacity was installed across the majority of nbn’s sites. A big achievement for all involved” Mr Naismith said.

“Solgen’s overall approach to the design of each solar array was aimed around efficiency with respect to the proposed infrastructure and the existing topography of each site.

“We work closely with numerous international manufacturers of solar PV equipment allowing us the ability to design and procure the most suitable solar components to match the site constraints and achieve the best industry standards.”

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