The first 4,000 homes and businesses in parts of Petrie and Ipswich  (QLD) can now experience the benefits of fast and reliable broadband by connecting to services over the National Broadband Network.

This announcement begins the 18 month countdown for local residents in the area to make the switch before most existing landline phone and internet services are replaced by services over the NBN.

Parts of Aspley and Toowoomba are also scheduled to be among the first communities in Australia to complete the transition to the NBN when the existing network is retired in the coming months.

This continues the momentum of the NBN rollout in Queensland, with more than 44,000 home and business owners already connected to the network in the state. Construction is also underway to bring the NBN to around 126,000 further homes and businesses across Greater Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Southern Queensland and Northern Queensland.

Ryan Williams NBN Co spokesperson said:

“There are more than 44,000 residents and business owners already reaping the benefits of fast and reliable broadband as we continue the network rollout across the state.

“The NBN provides opportunities to change the way that Australians can enjoy in-home entertainment, do business and access medical services and e-learning resources.

“The move to the NBN is not automatic and may take some planning and coordination. Residents and business owners are encouraged to contact their preferred phone company and internet service provider to connect their home or business phone and internet services over to the NBN.”

Dick Bennett of Brisbane Seniors Online, a group that helps seniors learn computer and internet skills, encouraged older Queenslanders to jump on the broadband bandwagon. Mr Bennet said since having his Aspley home connected to services over the NBN he can reliably stream TV shows, keep in touch with interstate relatives and pay his bills online.

“Seniors are often scared and unsure about trying new technologies like the NBN because they worry about the cost and process involved in getting connected. However, I found getting my Telstra NBN service installed very simple and am now paying less than what I was before.

“I’m also no longer experiencing frustrating drop outs or delays like I did with my previous connection. With the NBN, seniors can continue learning and connecting with family from the comfort of their home,” Mr Bennett said.

NBN Co is currently undertaking a comprehensive communication campaign with residents in areas of Aspley and Toowoomba to inform them of the steps they need to take to connect to the NBN. This includes local advertising, community information sessions, direct mail and door-to-door service calls to those within these areas.

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