nbn’s revenue success – despite initial project losses – was the topic of discussion in a recent interview between 2Gb Sydney’s Ross Greenwood and Federal Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

“The results [over the past year] show considerable progress.  Any big infrastructure project like this is obviously going to lose money in an accounting sense for a long time while you’re actually building it, and we haven’t completed the construction yet,” said Turnbull.

“The good news is there has been more revenue brought to book by the NBN in the last three quarters than in the entire life of the project prior to that.  That’s $106 million in revenue in the year to date.”

Mr Turnbull also noted that the results of the past year show a considerable increase in rollout pace.

“We’ve almost doubled the pace of the rollout – approximately 12,300 premises were made serviceable, which is to say that people who wanted to were able to order a service, on average by the end of this third quarter, which is an increase of 73 per cent on average compared to the corresponding period during the year earlier,” said Mr Turnbull.

“It’s the biggest project – and certainly by far the most complex project in Australia. We are not treating technology as ideology, instead we are focusing on the customer.”

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