A recent blog post by Malcolm Turnbull MP, has highlighted the significant work the NBN has undertaken to deliver a service that will revolutionise life in the bush.

According to the blog, a story in The Weekend Australian stated that the National Broadband Network is ‘failing those who need it most: the bush folk who eke out a living from the hard plains of this country’.

The article identified some of the limitations users have faced on the Interim Satellite Service and steps we have put in place to rectify the situation.

But the overall tone of the piece was that the satellite service – and in particular the Long Term Satellite Service – would fail remote users.

Mr Turnbull argued that this is not true, and doesn’t take into account the significant work the nbn has  undertaken both with the industry and other levels of Government to deliver a service that will truly revolutionise life in the bush.

Read the full blog post.

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