More than 2800 homes and businesses in Queanbeyan can now connect to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in parts of the CBD (ACT).

Physical construction is also underway to expand the network to an additional 7800 premises in parts of Queanbeyan East, The Ridgeway, Crestwood and further parts of the CBD.

Australian software and project management company, Codarra Advanced Systems was among the first to experience the benefits of fast broadband.

Codarra Advanced Systems’ Managing Director and Telstra customer, Warren Williams said: “As an information and communications technology business, the introduction of the National Broadband Network will instantly bring multiple efficiency and productivity benefits to our operations. It will enable us to better communicate with our clients and provide more effective support for our software exports.

“Access to fast and reliable broadband will also enable our staff to work remotely. Be it on the road, from home or from our client’s office, our staff will now have the ability to be more flexible and productive in how they work.”

Queanbeyan City Council Mayor, Councillor Tim Overall said “By connecting to the network, Queanbeyan residents and businesses will be able to realise the full potential of the internet. For Council the national broadband network is a vital piece of infrastructure that helps us execute our long term Residential and Economic Strategy – something that’s key to the future growth and prosperity of Queanbeyan.”

NBN Co spokesperson, Darren Rudd said “Today marks a significant milestone in the rollout of the National Broadband Network in Queanbeyan. Moving forward it will help residents access e-health, distance education and entertainment on demand, whilst businesses have the ability to increase productivity, reduce costs and access new markets.

“It’s also important for residents of Queanbeyan to know the move to the National Broadband Network is not automatic. So I encourage everyone in the coverage area to contact their preferred phone or internet service provider to get connected.” The rollout of the national broadband network continues to gain momentum across the ACT with more than 17,800 homes and businesses already connected.


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