The appetite of Australian families for fast broadband continues to grow, according to recently released figures.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports the average fixed-line end-user broadband usage has increased by 46 per cent in the past year. The figures show Australians’ average broadband downloads grew from 36.0 GB per month in June 2013 to 51.7 GB per month in June 2014.

NBN Co’s network traffic report also shows growth in heavy internet usage, with the average total data consumption per end-user on the National Broadband Network (NBN) now at a staggering 77.0 GB per month. This includes both 61.0 GB download and 16.0 GB upload usage.

John Simon, NBN Co’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “Australia is now a nation of ‘iFamilies’ with an insatiable appetite for online content. The NBN will provide a fast and reliable broadband network to help ease the impending data tsunami brought on by the rapid growth in our internet usage.”

“Our network trends show the improved speed and reliability of the NBN unlocks more value for consumers and small business. With access to services over the NBN, a household could have people simultaneously uploading videos of family and friends to social networking sites, downloading on-demand entertainment, while still working from home using cloud computing and multiline high-definition video collaboration applications.”

There are now over a quarter of a million homes and businesses connected to the NBN across Australia. NBN Co is committed to ensuring all premises can access fast broadband over the NBN by 2020.

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