Polymaster tank in position

Every piece of real estate within a plant is valuable, no matter how big the site. Every process is engineered to fit within the parameters of the existing infrastructure or modified to maximise operating efficiencies and budget.

A wastewater treatment plant, for example, doesn’t always have the luxury of creating a greenfield site just because it has run out of physical room to accommodate a 200 per cent increase in chemical storage.

That’s the exact dilemma faced by Lower Murray Water (LMW) at its Swan Hill Water Treatment Plant.

Like all established sites, LMW’s infrastructure included a traditional bund and a storage vessel that didn’t meet the demands of the north-west Victorian region it serviced. The concrete bund enclosure and caustic tank were nearing the end of their operating lives, with only half the required holding capacity.

Craning the double-walled tank into position

The challenge LMW faced was insufficient real estate to squeeze a larger tank inside the existing concrete bund and still comply with Australian standards.

To repair and increase the size of the existing bund was too costly and close to impossible due to the size of the site, therefore a smarter and more practical solution was required.

An effective solution to the storage challenge

The task at hand was to increase the caustic storage capacity to 10,000L, utilise the existing bund compound (wedged between a shed and a fence line) and avoid all civil works, but still ensure compliance with Australian standards.

Final Installation Complete

Problem solved – a Polymaster double-walled 10,000L, certified chemical tank quickly craned into place on the same day of delivery.

LMW avoided the lengthy civil work required of upgrading a traditional concrete enclosure as well as the time to build it.

Because the new self-bunded tank easily fitted onto the pad, the existing dosing panel was able to remain in place.

Polymaster tanks are manufactured from a high antioxidant polyethylene (PE) material, giving excellent resistance to almost all chemicals used within water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Due to the high-quality UV-resistant material used, they are suitable for all outside conditions. Polymaster chemical tanks are all tested and certified to the Australian standard for PE tanks storing chemicals AS/NZS 4766.

Proudly, most water utilities across Australia have worked with Polymaster to provide effective and safe chemical storage solutions.

The self-bunded tank range has been a popular choice to suit many applications due to reducing on-site footprint and overall project costs, and its ability to store a significant range of aggressive chemicals.

Whether you’re looking to install a new chemical tank or upgrade an existing installation, call the Polymaster Industrial team on 1300 062 064.

This partner content is brought to you by Polymaster. For more information, visit www.polymaster.com.au.

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