Recently, while carrying out safety upgrade works, Yarra Valley Water (VIC) took the opportunity to make its assets more visually appealing to the local area, to help them blend in with the local fauna and flora where possible.

Over 121 sites, from Wallan to Warburton have been upgraded across the Yarra Valley Water network. The work completed across the sites includes improving the safety, appearance and overall efficiency in terms of ongoing maintenance.

Works include:

  • Replacement of heavy concrete drain covers with a much lighter aluminium versions which are easily opened by one person, instead of two.
  • Installation of guard rail systems, including some which are removable in areas impacting residents. The rails provide fall protection to workers when the covers are open; reducing the need for a harness to carry out work and inspections, reducing the time spent carrying out the work.
  • Painting guard rails green instead of bright yellow to blend into the landscape.

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