The ACT Government has announced a number of appointments to the ACTEW Board.

Dr Michael Easson, who was confirmed as the Chair of the Board for a three year term, welcomed the news of the other appointments.

“Wendy Caird as Deputy Chair and Rachel Peck as a Director provide the Board with a considerable depth of experience and expertise in tackling water issues in the Territory,” Mr Easson said.

“ACTEW has a big agenda ahead for the coming years, and it’s imperative that we approach that work having the number one goal of being the best water utility in the country.”

“Achieving our goals will take considerable focus and effort, and provided we act smartly and efficiently, I am confident we have the team, and the direction to continue to deliver safe and efficient water and sewerage services to our customers in and around the Territory.”

“I am proud to work alongside John Knox, our new CEO, and the hundreds of ACTEW employees who provide these valuable services every day of the year. Today’s appointments help keep us focused on that task,” he said.

Dr Easson was confirmed as the Chair of ACTEW for a three year term following a process of consultation as required, with the ACT Public Accounts Committee.

Michael Easson has served on the Board of ACTEW for many years. He has a Master of Science Degree from the University of Oxford and a PhD from the Australia Defence Force Academy of the University of NSW.

He has served on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure and property Boards and is presently Chair of EG with $1.25b in funds under management and Chair of the technology and documentation business, Ridley & Co.

Wendy Caird is a small business owner and former National Secretary of one of Australia’s largest trade unions. She held office in an international labour organisation, working on the provision of quality, affordable water, energy, health and education to the world’s poorest nations. She is Chair of the Safety and Environment Committee.

Rachel Peck, a trained engineer, is the principal of the leading architectural firm Peckvonhartel, and she has extensive experience in project design, cost control and project management.


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